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5 Reasons to Retire to Huntington

Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 1:41PM

5 Reasons to Retire to Huntington

World’s Best White Sand Beaches

Ormond Beach, as well as neighboring Daytona Beach, provide access to 23 miles of white sand beaches along the Atlantic coast. Besides normal beach activities, like sitting under the sun or frolicking in the seafoam, you can also experience sea turtle nesting season from March to October firsthand on many Florida beaches. Additionally, a lucky spectator might catch a glimpse of the seals or dolphins native to the area.

Affordable Cost of Living

Despite the luxurious amenities, tropical climate, and tourist attractions of Florida, the cost of living is right around the national average. In a 2018 survey, Florida was ranked as the 30th most affordable state. Furthermore, there is no state income tax, nor does Florida tax social security benefits. With all these factors combined, retirement money in Florida lasts a bit longer.

Better Building Codes

After 1992’s Hurricane Andrew wrought destruction upon the state, stricter building codes were brought into effect. Though Florida may deal with heavy rain and strong winds during hurricane season, homes are constructed to include missile impact resistant glass, reinforced roofs, and wind load requirements, amongst other features. Florida homes are some of the strongest in the entire country, making it easy to endure each year’s storms.

Accommodating for Visitation and Travel

As a resident of Florida, you will always be an enticing destination for friends and family to come visit. With the variety of attractions around our area, whether it’s the beach or other places of entertainment, and the many luxurious oceanside hotels, the people you know will be itching to come to Florida so as to indulge in everything our area has to offer, meaning that you get to stay right at home.

Florida Weather

Perhaps one of our area’s most distinguishing factors, the climate of Florida is a massive selling point. Residents will hardly ever need to worry about defrosting a car or driving through snow. Though the high humidity may feel slightly oppressive at times, it also serves to preserve our state’s luscious greenery year-round. Each year brings an average of 230 days of sunshine, with warm summers, mild winters, and temperate springs and falls.

These are merely some of the most common reasons to retire to Huntington at Hunter’s Ridge to live your dream life in peace, though there are many more. We are located conveniently on central Florida’s east coast, making us the ideal location for anyone who wants the full Florida experience without the big city commotion. Contact us today to learn more about our homes for sale and begin the rest of your life with us.

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