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Fixer-Upper or Custom Home? Learn the Facts

Tue, Feb 04, 2020 at 1:59PM

Fixer-Upper or Custom Home? Learn the Facts

When it comes to purchasing a new home, many people look for ways to save anywhere they can. That makes perfect sense, but can also sometimes come back to bite you. Who has the time, energy, or patience to put up with what could easily become a situation of going from one problem to the next?

By contrast, when you choose to have a custom home built, you’re in control every step of the way. Now you can take that personalization to a new level with maintenance-free living. Here’s where you won’t have to worry about mundane chores such as lawn and garden maintenance, home painting, and similar. Read on to learn why custom homes are a better option than fixer-upper properties.


At first glance, an older home that needs a little (or a lot!) of TLC might seem like a good deal. But when you consider all the work that needs to be performed, that will soon add up to quite the bill. By the time all’s said and done, you could have accomplished a variety of things with that extra money, including investing, making large purchases, and even going on vacation.

By contrast, new custom homes are affordable. The process is simple and straight-forward. Best of all, with maintenance-free living, you’re able to spend more time doing the things you most want and love to experience.

Time and Energy

As mentioned, working to fix up an older home (even if you contract out some or all of the work) takes a lot of time and energy. Why put yourself through that frustration? You could be doing any number of other things with that time, including making lasting memories with friends, neighbors, and relatives.

When you then factor into the time and cost of getting permits, dealing with contractors, and more, the answer is clear. Plus, maintenance-free living perfectly complements your active adult lifestyle. Now, you can finally be free of the dreary tasks that used to command so much of your valuable time.

Peace of Mind

Suppose you decide to move into a fixer-upper home. What happens when there’s an electrical or plumbing problem? What if a family member or pet has a slip-and-fall accident that could have been entirely prevented? The fact is, there’s just no way to tell if and when older homes will fall right back into a state of disrepair.

But with a new custom home or villa, you get the peace of mind that your residence is built to last — made with high-quality and energy-efficient materials. In addition, you can rest assured that exterior maintenance is already taken care of.

Established Community

Then there’s the factor of neighborhood. You want and deserve to be in a dynamic community filled with like-minded people who share your same interests. When you live in Huntington at Hunter’s Ridge, you’ll be close to world-class attractions and top-notch amenities. You’ll also enjoy life-enhancing perks nearer to home.

Best of all, worrying about exterior maintenance can be a thing of the past. That’s because you’ll benefit from lawn and garden care, home painting and power washing, neighborhood maintenance, cable TV and Internet, and more. When you live in one of our villas, you’ll also get added perks such as building care services and pest control. Browse our website to learn more about the inclusive and exciting active lifestyle in Huntington at Hunter’s Ridge. Then, contact us today to get started on your ideal home.

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