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How Maintenance-Free Living Could Change Your Life

Fri, Dec 06, 2019 at 11:19AM

How Maintenance-Free Living Could Change Your Life

You might have heard the term “maintenance-free” when it comes to living options, but not been entirely sure exactly what that entails. This is where you get all the benefits of enjoying your forever home, plus more time to do the things you love. That’s because having to perform mundane maintenance tasks can become a thing of the past.

More Central Florida residents are embracing the true value of maintenance-free living, and with good reason. Now, you can join their ranks and begin living life on your terms in one of the most outstanding 55 and better communities in the region. Read on to learn more about how maintenance-free living could change your life.

Increased Free Time

Some people think home maintenance isn’t a big deal, or that it’s just a chore that goes along with homeownership. But think about how much time you spend on upkeep for the exterior of your home. Couldn’t those moments be put to better use making memories with friends and loved ones, or simply enjoying the lifestyle you deserve?

When you live in Huntington at Hunter’s Ridge, you benefit from a variety of perks that can make your life easier. That includes lawn maintenance and garden care, irrigation, power washing, home painting, and more. It’s like living in a personalized oasis, right in the comfort of your own home.

Improved Health

It’s no secret that Central Florida can get hot. In the summer months, temperatures rise to dangerous levels. Heat and humidity have even remained well into November. Then there are times when it gets downright chilly outside. Who has the time or energy to put up with exterior maintenance during times of weather extremes?

With maintenance-free living, you won’t have to worry about outdoor upkeep. At the same time, you get the peace of mind that the exterior of your residence is always in top shape. Plus, when you choose to live in one of our villas, you’ll benefit from extra HOA-provided features such as pest control, roof replacement, and building care services.

Freedom and Flexibility

Along with the mentioned weather concerns, there are other times when you simply don’t feel like mowing the lawn, or paying attention to landscaping and outdoor maintenance issues around your home. Other times, you have commitments that will keep you from performing these tasks.

Then there are the moments when you’ll be out of the area. Whether it’s a business trip, holiday excursion, or seasonal relocation to another locale, the last thing you want or need is worrying about the state of your residence. With maintenance-free living, you won’t have to. Instead, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your home is in top shape, even when you’re away.

Long-Term Enjoyment

Your home can and should become a haven tailored to your exact wants and needs. That includes the ability to maximize your time and spend these precious moments with family and loved ones.

When you choose the maintenance-free lifestyle of Huntington at Hunter’s Ridge, you get essential features built right in. That includes cable television and Internet service, home painting and power washing, lawn maintenance (including garden care and irrigation), neighborhood maintenance, and more.

In addition, this is where you can get the most from Central Florida nature as you enjoy the many hiking trails, lakeside vistas, exercise opportunities, and everything else that makes life here so enjoyable. Browse our website to discover more of the amazing perks that await. Then, contact us today to learn how you can embrace maintenance-free living.

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