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How Maintenance-Free Living Matches Your Lifestyle

Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 4:37PM

How Maintenance-Free Living Matches Your Lifestyle

You may have heard of maintenance-free living, but haven’t been entirely sure just what it entails. Here’s where you can enjoy a truly worry-free lifestyle in a growing and thriving 55+ community. Best of all, when you choose a dynamic home or villa in Huntington at Hunter’s Ridge, you get built-in natural features and helpful amenities.

Imagine a residence where you don’t have to think about mundane maintenance chores such as lawn and garden care, home painting, and similar. It’s possible with maintenance-free living. Read on to discover more of the amazing perks of this increasingly-popular trend.

Works with Your Schedule

Perhaps you’re a “snowbird” who has another residence in a different locale. Or maybe you’re often on the road, either as a pleasure traveler or through work obligations. You might even be retired and never quite know where the day will take you, or how long your adventures will keep you from home.

When you live in a maintenance-free community, you’ll never have to worry about the state of your lawn or exterior of your home. You’ll also benefit from irrigation and other services such as power washing, neighborhood maintenance, cable TV and Internet access, and more.  

Maximizes Your Free Time

You have tasks and obligations that have to be met throughout the week. When it’s time to relax and unwind, you want and deserve to be able to fully decompress and enjoy yourself without thinking of all the things that are still waiting to be done.

Just think about all the time and energy it takes to keep up the exterior of your residence. From mowing, to pruning, planting, weeding, and more, there never seems to be enough time to accomplish the things you really want to do. Maintenance-free living enables you to fully enjoy your free time and/or retirement. In addition, you’ll benefit from professional-quality landscaping and outdoor maintenance that keeps your home looking great throughout the year.

Improves Privacy

As a responsible homeowner, it makes sense that you want to protect your property at all times. In the same way, you want to feel relaxed and truly at home while in and around your residence. Doing so can be difficult when you’re not sure who is hanging around your locale, or working on a neighbor’s house.

But with maintenance-free living, you can rest assured that trusted professionals are working hard to keep the exterior your home and the greater neighborhood in top shape. That gives you more time to focus on the things you most want and need to do.

Saves You Time and Money

In addition, when you don’t have to schedule repairs and upkeep appointments, you’re free to explore the area or simply enjoy yourself at home. You also won’t have to collect quotes, or haggle with workers over their prices. Instead, you get top-quality maintenance built right into your housing terms.

Best of all, Huntington at Hunter’s Creek provides varied living options. Choose a house that suits the needs of you and your loved ones, or select a cozy villa that comes with added amenities such as building care, pest control, and preventative care service. Browse our website to learn more about this outstanding community. Then, contact us today to witness for yourself the true joy of maintenance-free living.

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