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How to Keep Your Home Safe When You're Away

Thu, Apr 23, 2020 at 10:00AM

How to Keep Your Home Safe When You're Away

Though no one wants to think that the worst could happen, the fact is criminals are always on the lookout for their next heist. Sadly, crooks will often target homeowners who appear to be away. That means you could come back to your house and be met with an unpleasant surprise. No one has the energy to put up with that kind of frustration.

Thankfully, there are ways that you can keep your residence safe and secure every day of the year. That includes times when you’re on vacation or otherwise not at home. Use these suggestions to get started:

Don’t Make it Obvious

Law enforcement professionals assert that most criminals look for an easy mark, and will try to find homes they think can be quickly ransacked without anyone noticing. One tactic, according to law enforcement, is to “stake out” a residence and search for clues that no one’s home. That might be newspapers piling up in the driveway, lights off even at night, and similar.

Outside maintenance can also be a tip off. That’s why it’s important to ensure the exterior of your home is always in top shape. One way to accomplish that goal is through maintenance-free living. Here, you’ll benefit from lawn and garden care, irrigation, and more — even when you’re not home.

Secure Your Residence

You make a point to lock your front door and check all exits before you leave. You likely also have some kind of checklist in place to ensure that your residence is secure. However, ne’er-do-wells will always try their hand at causing trouble.

So, it makes sense to install a home security system. You may also wish to leave a key with a  friend or family member, and ask them to check on your home periodically while you’re away. Bring valuables along with you, or lock them in a safe or deposit box at the bank. You could also install motion sensor lighting.

Keep in mind that exterior maintenance is a visual sign of the state of your home. Along with safety, this is where you can display to friends, loved ones, neighbors, and passersby what kind of homeowner you are. Maintenance-free living helps ensure that your property always looks clean and polished.

Use Smart Features

Along with a home security system, you could also incorporate smart features such as a doorbell camera and similar. This way, you’re always in the know of what’s happening around your property, even when you’re not physically in that locale.

Keep in mind that maintenance-free living goes far beyond protection when you’re away. This is where you can enjoy throughout the year features such as lawn maintenance and garden care, power washing, home painting, cable television and Internet, and much more.

Start Safe to Stay Safe

In fact, when you live in a dynamic neighborhood like Huntington at Hunter’s Ridge, you get safety, security, and year-round enjoyment built right in. Here’s where you can enjoy to the fullest your active lifestyle with like-minded friends and neighbors who share your same interests.

Along with lawn and garden care, you can also benefit from irrigation, home painting and power washing, and villas only services such as pest control, preventative care, and building services. Contact us today to learn how convenient and affordable the maintenance-free lifestyle can be.

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